Ferret love

Someone always knows someone who’s seen that man walking down the street with a ferret on a lead, or seen that woman with a ferret on her shoulder in the supermarket. The funny thing is, it’s not that uncommon…or weird. It’s actually pretty normal because ferrets, or a group or ferrets – known as a business – are adorable. Yes they were originally bred for hunting and rabbiting but more and more people these days are domesticating the fluffy things.

Here are some photos of my sister’s two ferrets, Gus and Benji. They may nip, they may stink a little (ok, a lot) but they have the cutest way of running, and boy are they entertaining and like to play.  (Day 8 of #BEDN and #NaBloPoMo)

33982_10152155850907188_1894212924_n 558628_10151858782707188_961448441_n 934746_10152568779942188_455012578795484372_n 934750_10152568780087188_7845926646162663694_n 1014385_10151868819732188_1995206480_n 1374062_10151927634197188_1944500302_n 1549503_10152140267607188_659367370_n1381281_10151927634102188_420486132_n 1381341_10151950418662188_269657882_n 1383326_10151927634502188_1752538443_n 1482789_10152155850947188_1971329057_n 10173547_10152405610722188_2639119415900858674_n 10296586_10152405611602188_1462592834919043324_n 10308236_10152405610812188_5169932210540511725_n 10325220_10152412488402188_4492772614608041397_n 10325655_10152405611162188_1699007428916305026_n 10330521_10152412488247188_7439531092540131002_n 10352734_10152412488472188_4605707314956716233_n 10526150_10152568780272188_7586612689770534141_n




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