Are you a TV Zombie like me?

imagesDo you ever get so lost in a TV series that the line between reality and fantasy becomes blurred?

Often, because I’m glued to Netflix, I fall asleep watching a programme, dream of said programme, and find myself waking up with a dull sensation of being back in the real world.

I remember when dad had to go into hospital a few years back because he had a pain in his stomach and the doctors couldn’t figure out why. I’d been obsessed with House for weeks before we went into hospital, and as soon as we got there, I went into full Hugh Laurie mode.

“Could it be Lupus? Nah, it’s never Lupus. Will you be doing an LP (lumbar puncture)? Will he need a cane, he’ll be cool if he needs a cane. He doesn’t need one? Oh, well can he just have one anyway?”

He had a leak in his stomach and they managed to patch it all up, but it didn’t stop me from asking the doctors every question under the sun – anything and everything I had seen so far in House.

Ever watched Grey’s Anatomy? If you have, you’ll know why my face creases and I well up whenever I hear the name George or someone say “007”…I’ve only watched the first six odd seasons and there hasn’t been one episode yet I haven’t cried at. It’s. Just. Too. Emotional. But. I. Love. It. I remember watching the first three seasons back to back over Christmas two years ago, I only left my room for Christmas dinner and presents, I was so glued.

130725113106-walking-deadLast year I got so involved in Breaking Bad that I became paranoid everywhere I went, feeling like I was Mr White and that I was running from the law.

The same happened with The Walking Dead – one of my all time favourite TV series. As soon as I start series five, I’ll be back to fearing for my life whenever I hear a sneeze on the train, or see with a cut on their face – “from shaving” they say…as if. THEY’RE REALLY A ZOMBIEEEEEEE, THEY’VE JUST BEEN SCRATCHED AND WILL TURN ANY SECOND!

Then the train will pull into Clapham Junction and I’ll get off like normal on my way to work…always looking behind me.

And don’t get me started on 24. I thought I was Jack Bauer. I felt invincible, I didn’t need to eat, didn’t need to sleep or anything – just kick ass and fight for my country. Simples. And True Blood. Oh True Blood how I miss you.

Recently I’ve finished Orange is the New Black and am currently watching Dexter, The Shield, American Horror Story, and God knows what else. Who knows what I’ll be dreaming of tonight and who I’ll be when I wake up in the morning.

OH I FORGOT. HOW COULD I FORGET?! Game of Thrones. I miss you the most. I remember dreaming about the red wedding for days. Nightmares. The poor Starks.

Day 4 of #BEDN and #NaBloPoMo

One response to “Are you a TV Zombie like me?

  1. YES. I am a TV zombie. I can’t tell you the amount of times I’ve dreamt about Orange Is The New Black, Game Of Thrones and Walking Dead. Oh my gosh.

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