Crawling the Great South Run

A week can go by so quickly. Time in general can go quickly, I mean, how the hell is it almost Christmas already?

This time last week I was lying in bed unable to move because I walked ran the Great South Run in Portsmouth and couldn’t feel anything in my legs other than the throb of fatigue and pain. (Yes I know I should have done more training so shush).

On Sunday 26 October I left the house early, full of dread (and good memories from a wedding at London Zoo I’d been to the night before), I headed to Portsmouth with my boyfriend for moral support, and a lift.

Seeing the sea of people in their professional running gear, hi-tech calorie counter and heart beat detectors, and funky costumes made me feel queasy – or maybe that was just my food hangover from too much cake from the evening before. Either way, I knew I was out of my league.

Long story short of it is that I somehow miraculously finished the 10 mile race and was still standing – thanks to my good friends Flight of the Conchords, Toto and The Smiths who helped me through it.

It may not have taken the quickest amount of time to get round the city but that wasn’t the point.

The point of me completing the run was to raise money and awareness of pancreatic cancer.

The cancer has been underfunded for decades, and despite being the fifth biggest cancer killer in the UK, it only receives one per cent of total research funding.

One of my friends lost his beautiful wife at the beginning of the year, and was the youngest person to suffer from the disease. It’s sad that I never got to know her but she was special.

My target was £200 and I’ve managed to surpass it – which is incredible to be able to give more to fight this disease, thanks to everyone who sponsored me.

Have no fear people, it’s not too late, you can still sponsor me by clicking here if you can spare a pound or two or ten. I really do appreciate it.

Those who haven’t done a charity run before, I encourage you to do so (with more training than I did). When you think you can’t go on, there’s always someone in the crowd who cheers you on, hands you a bottle of a water and gives you a hi-five. Some people run the race and some people walk it – the best thing to do is just take it at your own pace, because no one else is going to feel your sense of satisfaction apart from you when you cross that finish line.

I want to thank those again who have sponsored me and raised money to donate towards fighting pancreatic cancer – and for helping carry me through the race when I thought I couldn’t do more. IMG_6582.JPG

Day 3 of #BEDN and #NaBloPoMo

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