Blog every day in November

typewriterThis time last year, I took part in writing #BEDN (Blog Every Day in November), and thought well, I might give it another bash – seeing as I always tend to have time on my hands. Pah.

Thinking back, I’ve realised how much has happened in the space of a year and how far I’ve come, in terms of work, life and air miles. I’ve juggled situations, had both highs and lows but have immensely enjoyed the pressure of it all, and so, keeping in the spirit of things, I want to add to that, and do #BEDN again, and #NaBloPoMo November (National Blog Posting Month November).

I encourage those who have an opinion and want to express it, to take part in this month-long activity, whether it be reviewing a film a day or writing about your pets daily – you will get so much out of it.

I often find myself coming up with the excuse that I have no time to do what I really want to because I have so much going on. When someone asks me a really interesting worldly question, I tend to look dumbfounded because I guess I’ve never really sat down and had a good think about things. And what I’ve found that blogging does, is force me to actually sit down, take a breather and look around at what is going on around me.

Blogging activities like these help you get perspective on things, and yes there will be some days it’ll feel like a chore because it’s 30 minutes to midnight and you need to bang out a post before the end of the day, BUT it’s a satisfying challenge that will not only help you reach more readers and followers, but will also help act as a huge release.

And to those who don’t blog already but fancy doing so, now is a better time than any to start one.

Working in the events industry, I felt that there was a gap in the blogging world relating to this sector, and recently launched a new event blog with some friends from work, and can’t wait to watch it grow. Check it out here – We Blog Events.

I’m sure every other blogger will agree that it’s easy to begin one, it’s just a challenge to keep it going, so wish us luck!

I haven’t a clue as to what I should write about each day this month, but I guess the mystery is all part of the fun. Or is it? Maybe I should take a leaf out of the other bloggers’ books and organise to write about a particular subject per day…but then again you won’t get any of my random interesting ramblings (that never seem to end!)

Day 1 of #BEDN and #NaBloPoMo

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