Sometimes you just need a hug from your Dad

When you’ve had a long day at work and come home exhausted, he’ll have that cup of tea waiting for you when you walk through the door. (And if you’re lucky, it’ll be a coffee with a drop of brandy in it). He’ll ask you how your day has been and let you talk for over an hour before he mentions his day.

When you’re in the middle of watching your favourite programme and you’re feeling annoyed that someone’s interrupting it with a phone call, you smile because he’ll be on the other end saying he’s just seen some diet coke on sale, so he’s picked up a couple of crates because he knows you love the stuff. And when he comes to visit, he hides the crates under your bed so your mum can’t see your addiction to the fizzy stuff.

When you have a headache and hate the world for being so noisy and busy, his small kiss on your forehead manages to put everything right.

When it’s that time of the month and funds are running low before payday, you might receive a letter in the post. It’ll be just a small note from him that says “hello” and “thought you might need this” – with a tenner folded neatly inside.

When you’re crying over a breakup, he’ll tell you the guy wasn’t good enough for you, that you will meet someone who will treat you the way you deserve to be treated. He’ll remind you that he taught you chess, and tell you that if the guy can’t play and challenge you, then he’s not worth the hassle or the tears.

When you go to get your ear pierced, he’ll be the one to hold your hand. But he’ll also be the one jokingly offering the piercer more money to make sure it hurts.

When you want to watch Die Hard for the fifth time that week, he’ll be the one cracking open the packet of popcorn.

When you walk down the street and he’s got his hands in his pockets, you smile and realise you’re never too old to link arms with him.

And sometimes, just sometimes, you’ll wish you could have another hug from your Dad, to let you know it’s going to be alright.


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