Why writing a blog is like squeezing a spot

I was lucky enough to be born with the skin of a Greek Goddess, thanks to my Cypriot mam.

The light brown tan, the natural oiliness and the smooth spot-less texture – it’s just a shame I wasn’t born with the face of one. That’d have been too lucky!

But jokes aside, I rarely get spots.

When I do, they’re always a good’un. Big. Juicy. And just waiting to be popped.

Just like a blog post.

A good post – to me – or a good piece of writing comes once in a while, like a big fat spot.

There will also be a couple of pimples or whiteheads floating about your nose or forehead, just like the posts you might write to keep your blog active.

Rishi Bandopadhay

Rishi Bandopadhay

But, when a huge red spot appears one day, like a light bulb going off in your head with an idea for a blog post, you know this bad boy means something.

Just as you compose yourself before attacking the bulging spot, you read through your bursting notepad to find the best way to approach it. Do you actually attack it head on, or do you come up with a plan?

The raw text is just sitting there bubbling in your mind or on a computer screen with your hands shaking with excitement frantically typing away. But, just as if you were sitting in front of a mirror preparing to squeeze the zit on your face, you take a deep breath, calm yourself down from all the excitement, and take your time with the task ahead.

I’ve learnt in both circumstances that it’s always been more satisfying to leave the idea (and spot) bubbling under the surface for a bit until I’m feeling inspired enough to ‘have a go’.

Then and only then have I felt it was good enough to share and tell my friends and family about it. After all, sharing is caring!

One response to “Why writing a blog is like squeezing a spot

  1. As I read this post, I thought of a fruit which has yet to have become ripe and only when the process beneath its skin is complete will the flesh appear without any bruises like a blemish on the face where the spot once was. Just as it is more satisfying to pick the fruit only when it has become ripe, equally it is just like you said “it’s always been more satisfying to leave the idea”.

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