I like kissing things ok?

Back in 2010, one of my first blog posts – What’s in a hug? – ended with a question: What’s in a kiss?

While trying to figure out the answer to this question, I’ve come to realise that not only do I have the most unsexiest pout, more importantly, I like kissing rather a lot.

Yes I have a boyfriend and no I do not go round kissing random people (apart from my friends)…just random animals and maybe some inanimate objects. There’s nothing wrong with that.

From a huge cardboard structure of a tortoise at a festival, to my dog Frodo, or to a pile of rocks in the middle of Norway because they looked like trolls…nothing, apparently, is safe from these lips.

10595847_10152608976552188_1689695919_n10592263_10152608974432188_1033611683_n10416914_10152608976297188_1857389388_n10592154_10152608976587188_1942301635_n   10592544_10152608974442188_56085364_n 10595844_10152608976542188_1458267732_n   10596248_10152608974452188_344002465_n  10555009_10152608974447188_337578527_n 10568044_10152608976282188_621986637_n 10580649_10152608974457188_1976620162_n 10580987_10152608976607188_665332219_n 10588693_10152608974437188_1773994673_n 10588961_10152608976287188_895500539_n 10589551_10152608976312188_869373121_n10592170_10152608976332188_1620117740_n10596066_10152608976272188_1312436359_n

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