How do you wash a teddy bear?



How DO you actually wash a teddy bear?

I mean, you have (hopefully) washed your own clothes and pants, but have you ever washed a teddy bear?

…Me either, I guess I’ve never really thought about it before. I always relied on Ma having cleaned them when I was younger. Now that I’m older, I still gaze at my fluffy toys with a look of love and I squeeze them as hard I used to when I was a kid, but after all these years they’re getting a bit, how can I put it…gross.

photo 1(1)

Walter Bear

They’re still my babies don’t get me wrong, but they haven’t been washed in a good while and they’re collecting dust. Now this here – to my right – is Walter Bear, aka The Weeping Willow. I’ve had him since before I can remember. His material is years-full of tears, dribble and memories of me clutching him close whenever I was down and needed a good cry.

He’s always been there for me. When Frodo walks out of the room bored of listening to my dreary woes, Walter Bear has stayed put in my arms, letting me cry on him and wipe my tears on him. I was probably sick on him a few times when I was younger and wouldn’t let him go when I wasn’t feeling well, but Ma cleaned him up good and proper. How did he stay the way he’s always been, how did he stay as Walter Bear without getting ruined and becoming – dare I say it – clean.

photo 4

Elliott the Elephant

Do we love our teddy bears because their old musky scent fills us with comfort and memories? Is there a glimpse of childhood in every crinkle, hole and patch in these bears?

If we stick them in the washing machine, won’t they lose their shape, feel and overall ‘old teddy-bear-ness’ that we love so much? I don’t want them to become rigid and less loveable. And do you use a different fabric conditioner than do you would with clothes? A softer one? These are serious questions people.

Can anyone out there shed some light on how to wash a teddy bear without changing them too much?

3 responses to “How do you wash a teddy bear?

  1. I put all of my Lumen dog’s teddies in the washing machine and they come out good and loose that doggy smell.

  2. My favourite bear when I was little was imaginatively called Big Ted. At Brownie camp he attended the Teddy Bear Hospital and had 17 stitches. What a brave guy!

    Maybe this is something to ask your GP about – or go to ToysRUs and ask for a referral? The NHS surely must have the funds for this somewhere? x

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