One to Watch…

It seems that life doesn’t want to slow down these days. And that’s not me complaining, that’s exactly how I like it.

I love juggling different projects, dinners, meetings with friends, jokes and tripping myself up with the pressure of keeping up with everything, but that’s life and I like it.


In the last month I wrote about my recent trips to Amsterdam, Brighton and winning the Most Innovative Award at the National UK Blog Awards which was a lovely shock and a dream come true. I couldn’t have asked for me (apart from maybe not tripping up on the way to the stage?).

I’ve also recently been nominated as one of the first recipients of the One to Watch blogger award by Bloggers Required, an organisation that provides a service between small businesses, agencies, brands, start-ups and bloggers.

10312643_10152400389272086_4889681665620761734_nEveryone has their reasons for why they do things. Why they like the kiss dogs. Why they like to eat lemon sherbert, and especially why they like to put pen to paper, or fingers to keyboard and start writing. I’ve always enjoyed writing and find it  more than therapeutic. It somehow makes the crazy things in your head seem more sane when you’ve thought them out and piece them together on the screen.

From a one ‘One to Watch’, to another, I’d like to nominate three bloggers for this award. But, there’s always a but. I don’t think these three have the potential to be big.

They already are big. They may already be award-winning bloggers or professional writers but they should still be recognised for their styles of writing.


(c) Caitlin Kobrak

The first is Miss Caitlin Kobrak from I’m a Damn Student, What do I know? who has just finished her degree at the University of Gloucestershire and is an award-winning blogger who writes about the real day-to-day life of an event management student. She has just published a column in the June edition of Exhibition News with a confident voice giving advice to companies looking to employ students. I had the pleasure of meeting Caitlin at the National UK Blog Awards and hope to bump into her in the future when she joins me in the events industry.


(c) Steven Chapman

Next up on the chopping board is fellow horror fan Mr Steven Chapman at StevenChapmanWriter. Not only is one of the most obnoxious people I’ve ever not met, but also one of the funniest and darn good writers out there. He has published quite a few short stories and has a couple of novels ‘on the go’, so he is definitely one to watch, even if it’s just to keep an eye on him so he’s not hiding under your bed. I like reading something that makes you imagine the author is talking to you, rather than being objective. I like personality, and even though sometimes Mr Chapman thinks he’s funnier than he is (dammit, he really is that funny), I can relate to his style which makes it all the more enjoyable to read.

(c) Anthony Hett

(c) Anthony Hett

Last but by no means least is Anthony Hett who is an ambitious poet, screen-writer, blogger and overall witty chap. This year he embarked on a long journey called Year 31 Project to make the 31st year of his life “the best yet by trying as many new things and learning as many new skills as possible”. From eating kangaroo and jellied eels to attempting to shoplift and swimming the English Channel, Anthony is a great storyteller and urges you to want to read more and follow his story. He is also keeping note of his trials, tribulations and training for the Channel swim this summer at A Calm Crossing.

So to anyone reading this, please do check out these guys because they’re good writers and deserve some recognition other than me babbling on about them.

Keep an eye on them.

Do it.

Getting a blog established is a real labour of love. There are so many bloggers out there working hard to sustain their blog and gather a following of loyal readers, but it’s a competitive game and unfortunately many go unrecognised. That’s why Bloggers Required has come up with our ‘One to Watch’ award.

The idea is that if you know of a blogger who is producing great written or visual content, posting all hours to get established…or even someone who’s doing something a little bit different in the sphere of  blogging, and who you feel is a worthy recipient…then you can use the ‘One to Watch’ award to help get them noticed. 


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  1. Thanks for visiting my MeTime Tales blog, This is run by the characters from my collection of ironic short stories:Me-Time Tales:Tea breaks for mature women and curious men. Changing computers has slowed my blogging output for some weeks but the health obsessed Mrs W will be exposing herself to tattooed Jess and ascerbic Elaine in the next post soon. Liked your ABC. And the Irish in you. X

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