Y is for what you can do in a Year

YAt the beginning of the year I made a list of things I wanted to do or achieve by the end of 2014.

I used to make lists all the time when I was younger, I used to be so organised. I’d make lists before I went to bed and put them on the bedside cabinet. When I woke up the next morning, I’d be ready with my list so I wouldn’t forget tasks lay ahead of me for the day. Now, I forget what happened yesterday and have to continuously ask people what I have planned because I don’t write it down. I swear I just use my filofax as an accessory in my handbag. Not goooooood. index

It’s crazy how much can happen in the space of 12 months. Things you want, don’t want, least expect and sometimes don’t prepare yourself for.

So here’s the list I made for this year, and what I can tick off the list only four months in…

  1. Read a book a month – every time I read this, my stomach hurts so much from the laughter and disappointment in myself for not sticking to this. I thought of all them I’d be able to this but alas I haven’t. So far, I’ve started four books, am halfway through The Hobbit at the moment and only managed to complete a book written by my editor – The Talisman of Ra.
  2. Get a promotion/pay rise – hmmm something’s being trialled at the moment, so we’ll see.
  3. Learn how to speak Greek – I purchased a ‘Teach Yourself Greek’ package which is on my phone. I started off really good and listened to it all the time, but now it’s a little annoying and I just skip whenever my phone is on shuffle. Need to get back on it!
  4. Try avocado (and not to be so afraid of it) – I DID IT. FINALLY I ATE SOME AVOCADO. photo 3
  5. Go on one special date a month with the boyf – We go to the cinema, Nandos, up London most of the time so I’m counting everytime we go out as a special date ha
  6. Learn how to play my guitar – This is sadly still on the to do list. I haven’t even dared wipe the dust off the guitar.
  7. Go to Ireland to see Dad – I didn’t get to go see Dad in April on his anniversary this year but I am definitely going to go for a long weekend before the end of September.
  8. Complete the Great South Run (and beat my first time from 2011) – Well, it’s all booked and confirmed. I am indeed running this year and raising money for Pancreatic Cancer Action. 298869_10150383701787188_1061811056_n
  9. Get every Nicolas Cage film on DVD (to date) – I did get a couple for my birthday so it’s looking good!
  10. Learn how to whistle a tune (rather than a flat note) – I’ve tried! Everyone knows I’ve tried. I NEED HELP WITH THIS. I’m going to go on YouTube right now and see if there’s any tutorials on whistling
  11. Have a photo taken with someone famous – No one famous so far but I’ve still got time
  12. Find a nice warm clean flat/house to move into with the boyf – That’s the plan for the summer 🙂
  13. Buy a bigger fish tank with lots of plants for the fish – This goes hand in hand with the above thing on the list. When I move into a bigger place I’ll buy a bigger tank
  14. Start a book club – Nothing has been started yet. I need to sort out books and find people who actually want to form a club 😀
  15. Be a size 10 – Don’t ask. I don’t have anything to say on this subject just yet. Let’s talk at the end of the year
  16. Go to at least two live gigs – I’ve been really lucky so far with this. At the beginning of the year I got to go to Manchester for BBC6’s music festival and got to see the likes of Kelis, Haim and Damon Albarn. Then I saw the gorgeous Birdy with my good friend, and then last week I went to see McBusted with my sister and her friend. There are plenty more gigs lined up for the rest of the year.
  17. Go back to yoga (hot or not) – This I definitely still want to do and intend to do. I’m just on the lookout for a good deal

    (c) West Edmonton Local

    (c) West Edmonton Local

  18. Upgrade my phone – Well, with massive cracks in the screen this is a must! I get my upgrade in June
  19. Win an eating competition (possibly against my brother?) – He claims not have a huge appetite since he came back from a year in China so that’s him out of the window. Anyone else fancy the challenge?
  20. Do more freelance work – Anyone want to offer me some?
  21. Visit Amsterdam
  22. Get Howl’s Moving Castle tattooed on my thigh – I haven’t yet BUT still want to very much. I’m going to Brighton this week and will hopefully get some free time to squeeze in a cheeky tattoo but not of Howl’s Moving Castle just yet, I need more time and definitely more money!
  23. Get Mam a small tattoo (!!!) – I still have eight months to persuade her!
  24. Go on one special date a month with Lorna and Olly
  25. Become self-hosted – I haven’t event started looking at sites yet to host my blog. Anyone got any advice?
  26. Finish writing my book – To be honest, I haven’t picked it up again. I need to be more motivated! Someone inspire me
  27. Go to Paris for a (long?) weekend – This is planned for October! I’ve been really to have travelled so much already this year in the space of four months. I’ve been to Norway, Greece, Amsterdam and I’ll be going to Denmark next week. So already this year is looking up.
  28. Find a niche market and create an eBay shop – This hasn’t even entered my mind! I say I never have the time for things and I swear I don’t. This will definitely be a summer project
  29. See a film at the cinema once a month – I have majorly failed at this. I think I’ve only been to the cinema twice this year, once to see The Muppets and the second time to see The Lego Movie. There’s been so many great films out and I’ve missed them all. Will have to wait until the DVD comes out, or just watch them on Netlix!
  30. Get a new car – I’m saving up to get one in two months!


Hmmm, I haven’t ticked off as many things on the list as I’d have liked, but it is still only April so I do have lots of time to achieve these. I’ll report back soon with an update!


|| Part of the A to Z Challenge ||

A post a day except Sunday for the month of April to cover topics beginning with each letter of the alphabet.

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