X is for Xena Warrior Princess

XGrowing up you always have a hero in mind. Someone you want to act like, sound like, look like and someone you just want to be.

To me, that person was always Xena the Warrior Princess.

Set in a mythological fantasy version of Ancient Greece (but filmed in New Zealand), infamous mighty warrior Xena (played by Lucy Lawless) has a dark history and sets out on a quest to seek redemption for her past sins.

xena-1Along the way, she becomes friends with blonde farm girl Gabrielle (who one might think has a crush on Xena) and together they journey the ancient world and fight for the greater good against ruthless warlords, witches and gods.

The series follows Xena and her companion using their great fighting skills to help people. She spends almost every episode on a different mission (in a fantastic outfit!), always trying to do the right thing and fighting for the greater good.

She fights with a sword but her trademark weapon is a Chakram – a circular-shaped weapon with a sharpened outer edge.

Xena-A-Friend-in-Need-Season-6-xena-warrior-princess-1213249_967_1200She spends all of her time fending off stupid people but also trying to fight her own past. She has never forgiven herself for her past crimes – whatever they were – and often has to resist the temptation to return to her evil ways.

But, as her best friend and greatest ally, Gabrielle is always on hand to steer Xena in the right direction.

Xena is just plain old cool. She’s beautiful,¬†independent and incredibly sexy. There was no girl who didn’t want to be her back in the day, and no guy who didn’t want to be with her. She’s sarcastic, witty, and the fact that she has faults (like falling into temptations) makes her all the more appealing.

She can wave around a sword better than Hercules in the series and fights better than any other man. What more could you possibly want in a woman?


|| Part of the A to Z Challenge ||

A post a day except Sunday for the month of April to cover topics beginning with each letter of the alphabet.

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