V is for Val Kilmer

VHas anyone seen the film Willow?

You know, the film with dwarves, brownies, witches good and bad, goats, heroes, trolls, an army of pigs and a topless Val Kilmer?

I have. And it’s one of my favourite films. Ever. Not only was it the moment I fell in love with Val Kilmer but it was probably the first sword and sorcery film I ever saw.

Yes, it’s the same 1988 film Willow, written by Star Wars’ George Lucas and directed by the ginger one from Happy Days Ron Howard.

MPW-62663With the charming Warwick Davis playing the lead in the well-traveled story of unlikely heroes, there’s a 126 minutes of adventure, romance, horror and fantasty. What’s not to love? And did I mention that Val Kilmer is topless most of the time?

Long story short, there’s a prophecy that a baby will bring down the bad Queen Bavmorda (Jean Marsh) from her evil reign – who looks a lot like Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty. Willow finds the baby in a basket floating down the river by luck (and his kids) and begins his journey facing seemingly insurmountable foes. And yes there is a happy ending but, thinking about it, I don’t think Willow would have got anywhere without Val Kilmer.

Along the way, Willow meets a cast of characters including Mad Martigan (Val Kilmer) in a cage and a couple of brownies who have a mix of German and French accents, and situations (drunken pub fights with Val Kilmer dressed as a woman).

little-people-willow-590x350They get turned into pigs at one point – including the brownies – and they even fight a two-headed demon before Val Kilmer falls under a spell from a love potion.

Doesn’t that just sound amazing. Val Kilmer adds character, humour, sex (even in this sort of film) and a touch of testosterone as he waves his sword around.

This film screams childhood to me and doesn’t fail to make me smile whenever I hear the word Willow or when I hear the word “Peck”. It’s probably the most quoted film in our household, from “Your mother was a lizard” to “Ignore the bird, follow the river” to “Vongaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaard” to “You’re all pigs” or even “Oh Ruis, you and your stupid rat dreams”. My favourite: “Not a woman? Not a woman? …Gentlemen, meet Lug”

At the end of last year I was bawled over and starstruck when I went to a Comic Con in London and saw Jean Marsh. During childhood she always played the villain – in Willow and in Return to Oz – and I was always scared of her. But seeing her was amazing, I was literally speechless. I wonder what I’d be like if I ever got to meet Val Kilmer.

Go now and watch it. You can thank me later when you’ve wiped the dribble off your face.


|| Part of the A to Z Challenge ||

A post a day except Sunday for the month of April to cover topics beginning with each letter of the alphabet.

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6 responses to “V is for Val Kilmer

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  2. Love Willow – like you it’s a childhood thing. Love Val Kilmer too, it all started with Willow. Haha. I even thought about including Willow/Mad Martigan for my A to Z, opted out due to wrong letters. Cheers.

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