T is for Talking

TI shout. I swear. I whisper and pull my hair.

I giggle. I laugh. I point. I sign. I talk. I try to communicate.

I may not like a lot of people but it doesn’t mean I can’t ignore them forever. You still have to communicate to get by, whether it be talking, signing, pointing or gesturing, otherwise you won’t get anywhere in life. How will you meet the love of your life if you don’t talk to them, at least with your eyes making contact? Or that promotion you’ve been dying to get the last couple of months, how will your boss know you want it without you telling them in some way.

Yes I do have one of those faces that doesn’t want to hear about your holiday or what you had for lunch but I really am a good listener. And equally, I’m a really good talker.

talking-hedsMaybe I should rephrase that, I’m a loud talker who likes to talk a lot. Maybe because I’m Greek? I’m not good at public speaking because my voice goes all wobbly but I like to talk when I’m in the mood to. I sound quite nasally which is pretty crap but it doesn’t stop me talking oh no! It’s just horrible when I have to transcribe my interviews at work and hear myself sound like a smurf **shudder**

I also talk pretty fast. I don’t blame it on the amount of coffee I drink – although I’m sure that doesn’t help. I’ve said before that my mind is like a tornado or whirlwind. I feel like things are going round the twist pretty much 95 per cent of the time. I’m constantly fighting different conversations in my head, different scenarios at the same time, different images flashing at me. I talk a lot and I often talk fast because I have a lot to say, so I need to get it all out before people listening lose interest. Also I’m an Aries, and we’re supposed to be talkative, spontaneous and lose interest/get distracted easily. Apparently.

I like sarcasm and think it’s had a huge affect on the way that I talk. I am Croydon born and bred (sssh) and am both equally shocked and in awe when someone asks me when I’m from and is then surprised when I say ‘Souf Landan. Big up.

Should there be a rule book on how we’re supposed to talk? At certain events or social situations? Is there a particular ‘talking etiquette’? If so, I can imagine it’d a be a good read, interesting-wise but I wouldn’t pay any attention to it. Do we really want to have to all be the same. We have different noses, ears, boobs and voices for a reason because we’re ALL different. People have different accents. French, Jamaican, Indian, English, American and Irish…they’re all so different and it’s intriguing trying to work out where people are from. Sometimes it’s really what can set people apart.

There are people out there with monotonous voices…wouldn’t that be a terrible world if we all sounded like that? Or if everyone spoke the way I did…who wants to sound like a smurf?



|| Part of the A to Z Challenge ||

A post a day except Sunday for the month of April to cover topics beginning with each letter of the alphabet.

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11 responses to “T is for Talking

  1. You’re so right, we shouldn’t try to sound like anybody else. I struggle with it a lot because I’m not a native speaker and although I sound quite good in writing, I’ve a horrible accent. But then again, some really liked it and it’s what I’ve got so I guess I should make peace with it. 🙂 Thanks for your post!

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