S is for Snoring

SHello. My name’s Annie.

And I’m a snorer.

Years I’ve spent hiding in shame, waiting for anyone else in the room to fall asleep before me so they wouldn’t have to hear me snore.

But then I’d wake up in fear that my snoring had woken them up, and they’d be waiting for me to wake up so they could make fun of me.

3243607180_2f12ed7157_bMy sister used to have nightmares when she was younger. We always shared a room and my snoring would keep her up. But when she did fall asleep she’d always dream of this old woman in a church holding a box, if I remember correctly. There was a snarly noise coming from the box. The closer she got to the woman and the box, the louder the snarling got. Obviously this noise was coming from my snoring and the deeper sleep I was in, the louder the snoring got.

But I can’t help it. How am I supposed to stop it?

4310610510_6d87200421_bAccording to statistics, around 40 per cent of men and 25 per cent of women are affected by snoring. But I think snoring just depends on the person, and their lifestyle plays a huge factor. Do you ever notice that your partner snores after they’ve had a couple of drinks? Or your dog snores (more) after a long run when he’s really tired? Maybe someone smokes? Or someone’s a little overweight?

Snoring is basically the noise that comes from vibration of the soft palate and tissue in the mouth, nose or throat when breathing during sleep.

Some say treatment can improve snoring, but a complete cure is not always possible. Treatment can include lifestyle changes, like losing weight, stopping smoking or drinking, and there are also anti-snoring devices, such as mouth guards or nasal strips.

If these devices don’t help, doctors may suggest surgery as an option, which involves removing soft tissue that causes the snoring, or preventing the tissue from vibrating by causing it to tighten BUT this is always as a last resort. When I was younger, not only was I the biggest hypochondriac but I also had the biggest tonsils and adenoids EVER. I’d be the first to catch a cold in my family and also the last to get rid of one. My best friend used to throw teddies at me to shut me up when I slept over at hers when we were younger.

The doctors wouldn’t let me have surgery when I was younger because surgery for snoring is usually regarded as a last resort. Finally when I was older, around 18-19 I had my tonsils and adenoids removed. My voice completely changed after, no longer did I sound blocked up and nasal. The only thing was the unpleasant side effects and complications. Yes, complications. The doctors said to rest for 6 weeks. I went straight back to working…in a nightclub. The next night the stitching on my throat tore and I had a river of blood streaming out of my mouth for over an hour. Not pleasant.

BUT it means I no longer snore…as much.

So next time you hear someone snoring, be it in the bed next to you, your dog in his cosy bed or a guy on the train after a hard day’s work, spare a thought. Don’t just throw a teddy at them.


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11 responses to “S is for Snoring

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  8. I admire your courage to admit of being a snorer. I once had that problem before and I have tried every possible techniques out there. My mom said that I was already a snorer ever since I was a baby. Could you believe that? She said, she can hear me making a small noise specially when I’m dead tired playing the entire day. I get bullied whenever my cousins sleepover in my room. But I am skeptical about having an operation.

    • Yeah I was told I’ve always been a snorer. Sad times when people just don’t understand. There are so many products around that I’m skeptical about being just a con, like the wristband that’s supposed to send waves to your system to somehow stop you snoring, and the strips you can wear over your nose? Crazy. Let me know if you find something that works for you 🙂

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