R is for Reality

RThe more we learn about reality, the less we understand it.

Is it our day-to-day experiences? Our beliefs? Our dreams? Something we can touch, something fathomable? Or perhaps our human senses are deceiving us – maybe existence is just an illusion, and reality isn’t actually real?

Who knows. And the real question is, do we really want to know? That thing on TV they call Reality TV isn’t real life. It’s seriously nowhere near it. Plastic surgery, limos and football? Really?

Like it or lump it, reality is getting up every morning to a 9-5 job and getting paid on the last day of every month. Reality is routine.

Reality is being in love with someone and not ever having the courage to tell them properly. Reality is everything in your house’s covered in dog hair because you just don’t have the energy to hoover every day.

pyjama-shopIt’s about being addicted to sausage rolls and diet coke and cookies and PIZZA…and being proud of it (but trying not to eat them every day!). Reality is not passing your driving test the first time. Possibly having a crash on the motorway a month after passing.

Reality is sitting in bed all day letting Netflix automatically play the next episode so you don’t have to press any buttons. Going to the shop in your pajamas. Not getting over the death of someone. Arguing with friends and family.

Holding a grudge. Not being able to afford the bus fare. Sometimes going into your overdraft and living in it for a while. Reality is going on holiday once a year or every two years, and savouring the couple of days away from life’s routine. It’s about signing up to a run and being terrified of even starting the training.

Reality is being in an adult relationship. Owning a home. Taking care of bills. Cooking for more than one.

Reality is dropping your phone a couple of times causing a crack in the screen, and not sending it off to get fixed because you can’t bare the thought of being without it for a week. It’s about checking your Facebook, Twitter and email more times than you smile in a day.

It’s about being a fan of the likes of Nicolas Cage and Steve Coogan…and knowing their films off by heart.


|| Part of the A to Z Challenge ||

A post a day except Sunday for the month of April to cover topics beginning with each letter of the alphabet.

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14 responses to “R is for Reality

    • Haha I LOVE pizza. On my laptop when I’m watching a series, Netflix doesn’t even finish the credits of an episode, it goes straight onto the next one so I don’t even have to move. But on my kindle it doesn’t do that sadly #lazymuch

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  6. It is quite hard to tell. Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy? Sometimes I feel like I’m caught in a landslide, and there’s no escape from reality. Also, I just killed a man.

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