D is for Derren Brown

DTwo years ago I was given a Nicholas Cage DVD for my birthday. I’m sure you’re wondering Derren, why I’m telling you this but I’ll come to that later.

Me being me, and like everyone else (I’m sure), was ecstatic having been given the film, as it was a welcome addition to my ever growing collection of Cage movies.

With my face hurting from how much I was smiling, I slotted the DVD onto the shelf along with the other films. My boyfriend told me to open the DVD case because there was something else inside it.

_49115450_010117302-1Even though it’d be pretty funny to hide a ring in a Nicholas Cage film, surely it was too soon for him to propose…so what else could have been in there? …Something much better. Two tickets to see you live!

We had already planned to go to South Wales two weeks after my birthday so I could meet his parents for the first time, and he had coincided gig dates in Cardiff so we could see you. But, just over a week after my birthday my Dad died. So, both meeting the in-laws and seeing you were obviously off the cards.

Two years on, I open my birthday card when lo and behold, something falls out.

photoA little voucher for two tickets to see you in Cardiff this month.

As excited as I wanted to be, my heart felt like it missed a beat and I had a sinking feeling in my stomach. Of course I was happy to get tickets to see my favourite British mentalist, trickster, illusionist, hypnotist, painter, writer, and sceptic, I mean I have one of your books, a DVD and even a t-shirt with your face on it a friend bought me years ago, but I just had that feeling I’d experienced two years ago. Dread.

My boyfriend asked if I was looking forward to it, I said yeah of course, but it’s like it’s cursed. I’ll be happy when I’m sitting in my seat in Cardiff, and Derren Brown walks out on stage. So we’ll see.

I thought I had the chance of seeing you live last year at Excel London when my other heroes Bill Bailey, Richard Wiseman and Richard Dawkins met for a day of science-based shenanigans at Consensus – Science Talks. But alas you weren’t there.

Once described as playfully mendacious by The Big Issue website, your confidence both infectious and impressive. I admire you telling everyone the truth that your work is based on misdirection, memory techniques, body language reading, subliminal suggestion and cognitive psychology, rather than try to trick everyone that you’re a magician. Following both  you and Richard Wiseman for a while has only fuelled my interest in parapsychology and behavioural psychology after completing a degree in psychology in Portsmouth.

So, let’s make a deal, from one Croydonian to another, that you’ll be on stage in Cardiff on 28 April and I’ll be in the audience. What could possibly go wrong?


|| Part of the A to Z Challenge ||

A post a day except Sunday for the month of April to cover topics beginning with each letter of the alphabet.

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