C is for Coffee

CC was always going to be about coffee.

I love coffee. I don’t think I could survive without it, and I shudder to think of the days before I tasted my first caramel macchiato.

I get that it’s not to everyone’s taste, but they should try it. Just a little bit. They might not know what they’re missing out on. I was scared of avocados and only tried my first one on Tuesday…and loved it.

I also like people who like coffee. I often don’t like people, so coffee-lovers are a welcomed exception.

9d22596204ce2565afedd056fbf4dc7aA couple of friends at work share my love, passion and enthusiasm for the dark stuff and one of them even introduced us to a whole new world of coffee. This new contraption is called the AeroPress.

Yes it looks scary. Yes it looks like a lot of hassle but it’s really not.

Described as ‘the ultimate gift for any coffee lover’, it really does create a smooth clean coffee. It sounds strange to use the word clean when describing a cup of coffee but it’s the best word that comes to mind. It’s like mixing science with caffeine when you’re using the AeroPress, and has even lead our coffee club at work to refer to normal instant coffee as fake coffee.

Aeropress4eAccording to the manufacturer’s website, the AeroPress’s unique brewing style allows the use of a finer grind maximising the depth of flavour and applies pressure to squeeze out every last ounce of goodness from the grinds. Did you hear that? EVERY OUNCE OF GOODNESS.

The scientific tools of goodness uses a micro-filter to maximise the purity of the coffee and also a vacuum, which gives it that clean smooth taste that you can’t find at the bottom of your normal instant cup of coffee.

Anyone want one? You can find it here at the lovely eccentric and eclectic Firebox website.

Trust me, once you AeroPress, you don’t go back…

|| Part of the A to Z Challenge ||

A post a day except Sunday for the month of April to cover topics beginning with each letter of the alphabet.

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37 responses to “C is for Coffee

  1. Do you use your aeropress inverted? Stand it so the plunger is on the counter & filter goes on top. Get more control over how long it’s brewing for…

  2. C was going to be for coffee for me too. However, I just posted about coffee a couple weeks ago. I, too, love it dark! I will have to check out this crazy coffee contraption you are talking about. Did I put enough C words in this comment 😉

  3. I LOVE coffee too and I guess I’m lucky as I live in Portugal where their black stuff is pretty damn good! Unfortunately my hubby is a health freak and he stopped drinking it over a year ago so I often get the evil eye whenever I want one. But he can stuff it… I’m not giving up my coffee 😉
    AtoZ participant over at http://www.fictiondreams.com

    • Haha too right he can stuff it! One day I might message you to send me over some coffee because it’s so good there 🙂 My boyfriend’s a health freak too but he has black coffee as a treat. Maybe he can have it as a treat too?

  4. Hello fellow coffee connoisseur! I’m a coffee lover from way back, Annie. My niece got me a glass coffee aerator for Christmas a couple years ago. My fave is mocha with cinnamon dolce.

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