Coffee with a dog and goat

After a hard day’s work on Friday, I was looking forward to spending my weekend in Portsmouth. It had been ages since I’d been and it was my turn after all.

With five minutes to spare from getting off the train at Clapham Junction and the connecting train to Portsmouth I had enough time to get a coffee. Rather than go to one of the well-known brands (we all know my beef with Starbucks) I opted for this little independent coffee shop/stall at the station I’d been to once before. I remember on Christmas eve when I’d got stuck at Clapham Junction for an hour and a half because there were no trains running, I was suffering from a cold and was not in the mood to be hanging around, especially when there were no benches. (Why are there no benches upstairs at Clapham Junction?)

IMG_4355Looking ill and forlorn, I took comfort in this little fellow.

I noticed him from the corner of my eye sitting on a suitcase looking pretty dapper. How cool is he?

I was instantly drawn towards him (as well as the smell of pretzels coming from the stand) and when I looked up, I noticed not only did they make pretzels but they made coffee too. Not just any coffee. Good coffee, you know…mocha…and all of their coffees were £1.

Looking ill, forlorn and now bewildered, I asked if a large mocha was really £1. The guy behind the counter laughed and said yes. Due to all of the trains being cancelled, the rain and wind making everyone miserable and the fact that it was Christmas eve, they were literally throwing out Christmas spirit to anyone and everyone. After receiving my £1 large mocha, I thanked the guy (and paid), wished him a merry Christmas and waved goodbye to the dog. Good lad.

photo 2

“Caffeine was first discovered by Ethiopian shepherds when they saw the effect coffee had on their goats”

So on Friday I went to find my good friend the dog (I have a friend that’s a goat too), the drinks weren’t £1 anymore but that didn’t stop me from getting another large mocha. What did catch my eye however was this little chap.

A goat in a cape! (Maybe I have a thing for goats?) …there were lots of these little drawings by the coffee machine. They were so hilarious I took one on my way out. It made smile.

Around ten minutes passed before I realised something was up. Surely my train should be here by now. I looked up at the screen to find that my train was delayed until further notice. Was I angry? WAS I ANGRY?! Of course not, for once strangely enough it didn’t bother me. After all, I had Flight of the Conchords’ Carol Brown playing through my headphones, my partner would be waiting for me on the other side of the train, I had a decent mocha warming my hands and my belly, and I had this little dude in my pocket. I was – wait for it – in a fairly good mood.

photo 3When the train did finally arrive, I loaded my bags onto the train and took up two seats (I know I was only away for two days but a girl needs to take more than a couple of outfits, what if it rains or snows or heaven forbid it’s sunny? I need to be prepared).

I got the laptop out, stuck on the second episode of The Newsroom featuring the lovely Jeff Daniels, and there I was, enjoying another train journey, enjoying the escape of reality. A hop, jump and a skip later (1 hour 40 mins) I’d arrived in Portsmouth.

The weekend went far too quickly for my liking. I got to hang out with one of my good friends for lunch and enjoyed chilling with her ickle baby of a niece who, if I say so myself, looked adorable in the dress I got for her.

When me and the boyf got back, we spent some time experimenting…(this is a clean blog!) …with baking. We made some chocolate and sweet potato brownies which are pretty darn good. Well, what’s left of them anyway.

photoAnd today some decisions were made. Moving on in life, things to do, things to sort out and things to tick off the goal list. I also found out my brother is returning home in less than four weeks after being in China for a year. So things are looking up. It was no wonder I was walking down my road this evening with a spring in my step. Maybe it was because I was listening to Teach Yourself Greek which incorporates music and language learning? Maybe because there was a lot of coffee in my blood or maybe it was because I knew this huge ginger beast was waiting for me for when I got home. What a pooch.

What did you get up to this weekend?

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3 responses to “Coffee with a dog and goat

  1. Do you mean that pretzel shop at upstairs at Clapham? I was stuck in Clapham for an hour the monday before Christmas and had the best pretzel in my life ever straight from the oven! Did not see the prices of the coffee, but might try one next!

    • Yeah the same shop! I’ve never had a pretzel from there before but they look mighty tasty. The best in your life ay? I might have to try one now. But their coffee was lovely. They also do homemade lemon drinks in the summer which is sweet x

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