I found an acorn in my room

photo 1(2)How did I spent the first day of January 2014? Why, decluttering of course.

Ok fair enough it’s taken me the best part of two weeks to do it, with lots still to clear but I’m slowly getting there. It might not seem it but it takes a lot of energy to get rid of stuff, it’s not easy when you like to hoard things because there’s a memory attached  to practically everything. Plus the fact that’s it’s been the Christmas holidays and I couldn’t say no to chocolate distractions. Who could?

My bedroom was originally upstairs, then I moved downstairs into the playroom for a bit when my sister moved home, and now I’ve moved back upstairs again. With so much moving, clothes, items and trinkets were still shoved to a corner or in boxes under the bed, but gradually things have found a place, either in my room or in the bin.

I’ve said before that simple plans like tidying my room  never work – I always have the same routine of emptying every single drawer, bag and cupboard on to the floor, and putting everything back, only much more tidily. I spend roughly an hour ‘filing’ through squashed receipts found at the bottom of my handbag and somehow choose to instead, offer everyone in the house a cup of tea or some lunch. I’d rather slave away over a hot kettle of denial than face my monthly outgoings!

Everything tends to be pushed under my metaphorical and literal bed, but not now. Let’s hope that with 2014, a more organised squirrel is reborn.

photo 3Decluttering my room has uncovered many a lost and forgotten treasure. This week not only have I found my digital camera and charger that I thought I’d accidentally placed into a bag I took to the charity shop, but I also found a lead for my PS2 I’d feared was lost in transit. Back are the long days of back ache sitting on the floor getting cramp in my hands from holding the console for hours on end.

I also came across this lovely CD my brother’s girlfriend made me a while ago. It’s the original soundtrack to one of my favourite films, Howl’s Moving Castle.

I listened to it today while sifting through old paperwork and it made the chore of it all easier and more enjoyable.

That’s what I like about Studio Ghibli and the work of Hayao Miyazaki and Isao Takahata. The animated films are inspiring and create worlds you lose yourself in.

photo 2(1)I came across an acorn today. An acorn. In my room. What was it doing there?

And then I remembered, an equally geeky (if not more) friend gave the acorn to me when we used to work together. He knew I liked Studio Ghibli films and knew I’d like the acorn.

Have you seen My Neighbour Totoro? It is really rather good, and explains the acorn and why it means so much to me.

Crazy to think of all the items you can find within your belongings if you open your eyes. An example is my DVDs. Everyday I look at them, the big DVD case is the first thing I see when I open my eyes in the morning as it faces my bed. But I don’t really look at the DVDs. I tried to find something light with music in it to play while I was sorting out the crap in my room and went straight to the Disney shelf, when lo and behold I came across a film I didn’t even think I owned, Sleeping Beauty. Excited as I was knowing that I now have this film, I also felt a twinge of sadness that I don’t even remember how I acquired it. With each of my DVDs I know how, when and why I got each one. They all have some funny story behind them but not this one.

photo(2)It’s easy to forget about things and let them pile up around you, be it junk in your room or emotions you don’t want to face. The saying really is true, the longer you leave something the harder it gets to face it.

One thing I can’t ever forget is this hairy beast. How can I forget him when he sleeps on my bed every day.

He piles himself not only on my bed, but on me when I’m sitting down. He doesn’t like to take up the whole bed, oh no, he likes to somehow take up me too.

But I don’t mind. He’s too cute to push off the bed.

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