Back to black


BEDNAlmost a month ago I was wondering how to begin the month of November, as I sat on my bed pondering over my first Blog Every Day in November (#BEDN) post.

Now 30 days later, I’m sitting here wondering how to end the month. It’s flown by so quickly without me realising it or even stopping to take notice of the time.

With newly dyed hair back to black (well, a dark brown) and a new top hat on the dressing table, I feel like a new woman. Ok ok I’m going to a fancy dress party for my friend’s birthday – but still I feel a little better as a person.

photoWriting everyday has not only been a pleasure with the good days, but also a chore at times when I’ve had a bad day. Don’t get me wrong I love writing, it’s what I live for, and that may sound harsh but when I’ve had a busy day and left my blog to the evening to do, it feels like I’m rushing it. But, that’s my fault for leaving it til the last minute – as I tend to do with most things in life.

Having said that, the good days have been really good. And being pushed to write has made me think more and want to write about more things. Often when I come up with an idea, I don’t want it to be bogged down with my thoughts and opinions so I’ve turned to my friends and asked for their perspective. This has been really eye-opening for me seeing how other people perceive things. I’ve asked friends what kind of analogy they’d use to describe their brain, an experience of a loss of innocence in their lives, and what they wanted to be when they grew up. Yes there’s been tears and yes there’s been laughter thankfully, and it’s all made me feel warm and fuzzy inside, so I thank those of you who took part. Even though #BEDN has stopped, I’ll still be asking for more opinions in the future!

UKBA14-Entry1This month I’ve had a lot on at work, I’ve been out a couple of times with friends, I’ve been to Cyprus and back having stayed with family and tasted Cypriot delicacies, and last night to top it all off, I went for a hot cookie dough dessert and waffles with my best friend. So this month has ended nicely. Not to mention I’m off to a party tonight dressed as the Child Catcher…so yes, this month has ended quite nicely.

Apart from dying my hair black and of course buying a new top hat (when will I need to use it again?!) I’ve entered myself into the National UK Blog Awards 2014.

Taking part in #BEDN and the awards’ #bloghour (every Tuesday 9-10pm) has allowed me to make new friends, discover new blogs and made me more aware of writing skills and inspiration. I will definitely be taking part in the next #BEDN in May and do what I can to support the awards (even if I don’t win an award!).



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