A week gone by


This last week has been somewhat emotional.

I’ve been to the airport twice which was cool. I mean, who doesn’t get excited about going to the airport even when they’re not going on holiday? Thankfully I was going away so it made the experience a whole lot better, and the two airports were in different countries, so, bam. Thanks.

The moment I stepped off the plane in Cyprus I knew I was in for a shock. There was no sun. What Cyprus did have in store for me was rain, thunder and a breeze. I’d only ever been to this Cypriot island in the summer so I guess I didn’t know what to expect, but rain and thunder? Hmmm.

I stayed with my lovely family that I don’t get to see very often and who I love very much, even if they’re all as weird as I am. It’s what makes us family. I got to see my grandparents and experience my Yiayia’s amazing cooking, as well as her interesting conversation. Did I mention her food’s amazing?

I marveled around my grandparents’ house. The house we grew up in as kids every summer. I felt nostalgic with all of the same smells, sounds and sights all around. Even in my Auntie’s house, it’s seemed so silly but it was so nice to hear the same sounds you took for granted as a kid and never realised it’d mean something to you, something like the way the bathroom door sounds when it’s closed, or what it sounds like to hear someone walk down the marble stairs. And standing on the veranda, it was like I could see everything through the eyes of a slightly older child. I pointed out little things in my head of where we used to play and what we’d do. Over on the land behind my grandparents’ house we used to chase lizards, and play P.O.L.O on the street or talk to the goat at the top of the road. It really did feel like I was a child again.

I visited Saint Lazarus’ Church in Larnaca and went down to see his tomb, lit a candle for my dad and prayed a little.

I made my family laugh telling them lots of little stories starting with: “And do you remember when this happened…” It was nice to see my grandad laugh hearing about when we were younger, how he’d only let the boys sit in the front of the car, or how Katey and Kiki used to fight all the time, and the stray cat Tarzan that I found who had become their pet.

I spent time with my gorgeous cousins and reminisced about how silly we used to be, the boys we used to love, the music we used to listen to, and about the dreams we used to share when we were younger. It’s nice to see we haven’t grown up too much. Or apart for that matter.

I had a fairly good amount of coffee intake. One might say I had a little too much. And I met some good people, and discovered new things about the Greek culture.

IMG_4002I have arrived back now in the cold cold cold country of England that I call home. I’m tired, cold and it’s pretty late considering I’m back at work in the morning, but I’m glad to be home. I needed a break from the city life but it’s good to be back with my mama in the room next door, me with a cup of tea, and lying in the comfort of my own bed.

And what’s made this week all the more better, is seeing this furry face waiting for me to come home.


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