Ye old Saint Lazarus


IMG_3930Tradition is often thought of as a belief or a physical behaviour with some sort of symbolic meaning or special significance, with origins in the past that is passed down within a group, society or family.

A tradition can remain and evolve over thousands of years, and derives from the Latin word tradere meaning to hand over something, or to give for safekeeping.

I like the idea of tradition being the notion of holding on to a previous time.

IMG_3925When I come to Cyprus, I always make sure that I go to see the Church of St Lazarus in the centre of Larnaca. We used to visit the church whenever we came to stay with my grandparents and I have made it into my own little tradition.

The Church of Saint Lazarus is found to be the subject of a miracle written in the Gospel of John, in which Jesus raises from the dead. Saint Lazarus’ tomb is buried beneath the church and you can walk down the stairs to see the old tomb.

IMG_3921I’m not a religious person at all, I’m more superstitious you could say.

Whenever I walk through the door of the church, I always feel some overwhelming power that has a presence there, and ever since I was little I have always felt something come over me that makes me feel safe.

Today, I entered the church, lit a candle, and cried. I lit a candle to pray for my family, and lit a second to pray for my dad wherever he may be…and I’m not even the praying type.

IMG_3919Everyone must have their own little traditions that they adhere to, and feelings they associate with them.

It’d be interesting to find out about what traditions people have in their family, any they have started themselves, and even what tradition means to them.

Is #BEDN turning into a tradition now?


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