Simples minds think alike


Today was a long-ass day. It started early, very early, and ended late. Too late.

It consisted of work, work and more work to make sure everything’s done before I go off on holiday, running errands, looking after the dog and making coffee. Lots of coffee, because we all know how much I like the stuff. IMG_3630

Once the caffeine had started to kick in, I realised I was sad because it was only a false high, and one that didn’t last long. So, with a glum look on my face I just kept my head down and went back to work.

I was looking through the photos I’d taken on Wednesday when I went to the Ideal Home Show at Christmas and smiled instantly. Christmas trees, fake snow, cold air, Panto dames, Christmas scents, decorations, festive food, and of course Laurence Llewellyn-Bowen. These little things that make up Christmas made me happy and brightened up my day just thinking about them and thinking about spending time at home with my family.

IMG_3721It’s not a stark new revelation but I realised that I like the simple things in life. I guess I’m a little like a magpie in that I like shiny things. Simple things.

I thought I’d make a little list of things that bring a smile to my face. Some things that cost a little, and others that simply don’t cost a thing…

Just look at that. Look at that pile of freshly printed new, untouched Metros waiting to be plucked from their pile. Early in the morning it’s a sight to see, it wont last long so I’m glad I can sneak a peak before the morning rush gets to the station and makes a mess.

IMG_3723When I’m watching TV or playing on my laptop in bed,I love it when Frodo’s lying on the bed and rests against me or nuzzles into me.

But what makes gives me that warm fuzzy feeling is when he looks at me, rests his paw on my leg or arm, and puts his head down, leaving his paw on me. Here he is, putting his paw on my other half’s leg. Cute little pup!

IMG_3317And look at this little rascal looking all cute and innocent, like he wouldn’t hurt a fly. Ickle Benji.

Why is it that animals look a hell of a lot cuter when they’re sleeping – even moreso when they look so comfy in an awkward position. Oh oh oh and when they yawn. Oh how they yawn. They’re adorable. You just want to hold their little paw in your hand. I’m smiling away as I write this. Just put a photo of a cute animal in someone’s face and that’ll make them think all of their problems have disappeared in those few seconds.

IMG_3411When someone offers to do something for me, that definitely makes me smile and restores a little bit of human faith each time, even if they’ve just offered to make me a cup of tea. Every little helps.

Well of course this guy makes me smile. Every time I see his face. But what makes me laugh is the unexpected moments I find myself quoting his lines from films, even moreso when someone recognises the quotes and joins in!

(c) Needleloca

(c) Needleloca

Does anyone else feel an overwhelming sensation of relaxation every time they see something like this?

My heart fills with joy and I feel calm seeing a shelved case like this full of books, DVDs, or in this case, colour-coordinated fabrics. The neat lines of colour and sizes all match, and have their own designated areas. They look like they all fit together in a puzzle and wouldn’t work if there was a gap or puzzle piece missing.

I’m not one to wear bright colours whatsoever. I live in black. I don’t know what it is but I love seeing big bold colours and patterns lined up in place. That also makes me smile.

IMG_3725Ah, I’m feeling better already.

And one little thing that everyone loves, is a present. But not just any present…an unexpected present, like this one…

Please excuse me while I open this with glee.


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