There’s a snake in my boot


(c) Alan Light

(c) Alan Light

Last night I went to see Captain Phillips at the cinema. The good reviews outnumbered the bad reviews, plus Tom Hanks played the main character so I knew I’d be in for a treat.

I’ve always had a soft spot for Tom Hanks as an actor and from what I can remember, I’ve always enjoyed his performances that I’ve seen. I think what I love the most about Tom Hanks is the way his voice goes high and almost breaks when he’s shouting or overexcited in a film. I think his voice plays a vital role in his acting. He tends to sound like he’s only being charming, sarcastic or just shouting. I don’t think I’ve heard him ever sound monotonous.

So, even though I’ve enjoyed watching the different characters he plays and the diverse range of films he appears in, I still can’t shake off the image I have of him in the film Big. Do you ever get that when you see an actor or actress and all you can think of is a character they’ve played, be it the first film you saw them in or the turning point in their career?

I don’t like to typecast actors but it will always happen – it’s not like it’s a bad thing. It’s more a nostalgic memory of mine. Probably something I associate with a childhood film or a situation/experience that meant something to me as a child.

(c) Eder L

(c) Eder L

Big, refreshingly sweet and undeniably funny, was about a 13-year old boy who wished he was “big”. He makes a wish at an amusement pier fortunetelling machine and the next day when he wakes up he’s grown into an adult (but still with the mental age of a 13-year old). He lucks into a job with a major toy company run by kid-at-heart McMillan and somehow finds himself a girlfriend. But he’s still a kid, and he’d like to go back to his own world and own body.

Of course Tom Hanks was the ideal actor to play the 13-year old adult with his youthful good looks and buoyant vocal skills. He was also the ideal guy to voice Woody in Toy Story – a film I associate with Tom Hanks’ voice. Could you ever imagine anyone else playing Woody?

8726292628_e263d4ab42_bWhoopi Goldberg is another key figure from my childhood. And also a key character in Sister Act. “Oh Happy Dayyyyyyy…”

Whenever I see her on screen, whether it be in Ghost, The Lion King or Corrina Corrina, all I can see is Sister Mary Delores whipping nuns and students into shape, all through the love of music – and hiding out from her gang bang married boyfriend.

Sally Field will always be Miranda Hillard from Mrs Doubtfire. The way her voice sounded in each line echoes whenever I hear her speak in any other film. “The whole time? I mean the whole time? The whole time?” …I’d seen Forrest Gump long before I saw Mrs Doubtfire so it wasn’t that I’d typecast her from the first film I’d seen her in. I probably watched Mrs Doubtfire an awful lot more than Forrest Gump so maybe that’s why? Who knows?

Speaking of Mr9382992723_e0b7a0c1cf_bs Doubtfire, Pierce Brosnan (please can hardcore Bond fans not kill me) will always be to me, Stuart Dunmire from Mrs Doubtfire. He’ll always be the one Mrs Doubtfire gave the Heimlich Maneuver to before everyone in the restaurant found out Mrs Doubtfire was in fact Robin Williams.

An obvious one that people might agree with me on (after they’ve forgiven me for Pierce Brosnan) is Will Smith. And not just Will Smith, but EVERYONE from the Fresh Prince of Bel Air. I don’t think I can ever take any of the characters in that seriously. Carlton will never be known as Alfonso Ribeiro…who the heck is that? Carlton will forever be Carlton, you know, Will’s cousin who likes Tom Jones and Christmas jumpers.

Another obvious one is Daniel Radcliffe, aka Harry Potter. Here’s a list of other actors and the films I think of when I see them on screen:

Kevin CostnerWaterworld

John Lithgow3rd Rock from the Sun AND Harry and the Hendersons

Dolph LundgrenHe-Man Masters of the Universe

Zac EffronHigh School Music (don’t judge me)

Val KilmerWillow

Mel GibsonBraveheart

Brad PittLegend of the Fall

Jack NicholsonOne Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest AND The Shining

There are tons and I could be here all day listing them. Can you think of any you’d like to share?


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