Hairy McFairy


It’s that time of the year when I’m feeling the need to change something, or add to a collection. Another piercing? A new tattoo? Cut my hair? Or dye it? But before I decide on the next course of action, I thought I’d take a look at previous hair styles that may or may not have worked…

314582_10151314799627188_1967591579_n576233_10151089132977188_332174077_n 74943_463022922187_5856032_n 283758_10151080344247188_1084472749_n189244_4421567187_7300_n  316661_291556027545121_1495120491_n 561287_10151089187117188_1667773420_n 312913_10150304975502188_5874733_n 303650_10150798708905527_2146659875_n 197976_10150135943927188_1815588_n 66996_454087897187_4907356_n 224694_13184512187_6077_n18768_289566647187_3311213_n 2480_53054251246_9177_n 353_35069247396_1052_n 15754_176854152187_7925577_n

Has anyone else had a really bad hairstyle? …I did have a mullet once, it was black with random red splodges but for some strange reason, I can’t seem to find any photos…

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