You’ve got red on you


Every morning as I get ready for work, I run through the same routine. I wake up when the alarm goes off. I press snooze a couple of times, and I won’t get out of bed unless the digits on the clock end in 0 or 5. I have a shower, I let the dog out and I make a packed lunch.

I leave the house at pretty much the same time every day, and when I get to the station I tap my oyster card in, and pick up the Metro. I stand at the same spot, the exact position the doors open on when the train arrives at the station. And as I’m waiting for the train, reading the day’s Crush Hour, Text In’s and Celebrity pages, I look up from the paper and notice the same people every day.

The annoying girl with the big-ass hair who always tries to get to the station before me to nick my spot. Sly cow, I got there first. The guy who I’m not quite sure if I fancy or not wearing the huge headphones standing to the left of my spot, and the father who shakes his head at his daughter every day as she jumps into puddles.

But today was different.

I don’t know how or why, it just felt different.

My routine at home seemed to be the same, apart from the fact Frodo came in from the garden in a bit of a hurry but I thought that was because he heard me open the fridge, looking for cheese. Hold on…I don’t think I even went into the fridge.

It did seem a little quieter on the streets on the walk up to the station, and thinking about it, I don’t think I saw one person. Trevor who used to live opposite and has a butchers on the high street hadn’t even opened up yet – I always thought he started at 7:00?

Got to the station and for the first time ever, I was happy that the big-ass-hair girl was standing in my spot. At least something felt normal. The guy with the huge headphones was standing to my left. Check. But the father and daughter weren’t there today. Inset day maybe? Lucky girl.

The train pulled up and we all got on. Packed like sardines, everyone looked angry, cold, tired and disgusted by the lack of space between the other bitter commuters. The usual pleasant morning to work. I was trying to read Pet of the Day but kept getting distracted by people coughing. It was like a domino effect, one person started and somehow every other person seemed to have caught the ‘cold’ and was coughing. I know winter’s approaching but jeez people, have some consideration. So I just sat there holding my breath refusing to take my concentration off the paper.

Doing pretty well, or so I thought, I began to feel a pair of eyes burning into me. I snuck a quick look up over the top of my paper and couldn’t help but notice a guy in the corner by the doors looking at me. As flattered as I was at the fact he was drooling while looking at me, I did notice he had a nasty cut on his cheek that was bleeding. Poor guy, must’ve cut himself shaving. He did look awful pale too, maybe he hadn’t had any breakfast? Thankfully he got off at the next stop, more like hobbled off, but it made me feel better.

A couple of stops later when I was getting off at Wimbledon, I noticed a couple of people had fallen asleep on the train. Dead to the world. Lucky them getting some extra kip. Hopefully someone will wake them up soon so they’re not too late for work.

When I got into work myself, everyone was talking about the front pages of all of the newspapers. I couldn’t hear what they saying because I was so angry at myself for missing gossip again. I need to stop skipping straight to the horoscopes and love stories! I heard something about an epidemic? An outbreak? Really people?

As I was busy cursing myself on the etiquette of newspaper reading, screams began to pierce my ears and I felt the floor tremble as people were running around the office. Then two gunshots went off.

the-governor-the-walking-deadI turned around stricken with fear to find my director standing outside his office armed with a shotgun and wearing an eye patch.



I’ve really got to stop watching The Walking Dead before bed.



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