Knick Knack Paddy Whack


I have a friend called Jenny. 75991_10150918669222188_359921647_n

She’s pretty shy, quiet, a little hairy and she likes to eat grass.

Ok ok, she’s a goat. But she’s still my friend.

She also likes to eat Ritz biscuits and she lives in Ireland with my Uncle Martin and a cute little dog, simply named “dog”.

My Uncle Martin still resides in the same house, garden and property that my dad and his four sisters and eight brothers grew up in. It’s incredible to think of the history the house holds and the amazing stories they must all have to tell.537729_10150918687852188_1958412124_n

Last year, we travelled to Ireland to take my dad home and the minute I stepped foot in the house, I was overwhelmed with emotions I felt there.

I felt like I was taking in memories and feelings just sitting on one of the tattered homely seats, knowing that my dad used to live here as a little boy, and played with his brothers and sisters here. 1380686_10202393846234507_55089010_n

The only thing I noticed when I’d been to the house during my childhood was that the toilet was outside (!), but seeing the place again once dad had gone, made me realise we had done the right thing in bringing him back home with his family.

My Uncle Martin is only one of the many crazy Irish lot I’m proud to be associated with. He always puts on a huge spread when we go round, including tea in his best china and a table full of cakes.

36606_10150918673697188_1053586501_nHis accent is so thick, he had to ask my brother to translate what I was saying (if that doesn’t make sense…think Irish and read it again). His beard is so big and white like Santa Claus, and he likes to stroke it when he’s thinking.

Like the Greeks, the Irish are very passionate about what they believe in and have the tendency to get louder the more they’re trying to raise a point. 4993_10202397472841793_613040603_n

So you can imagine dinner round my house is, how can I put it, lively? We’re all loud, enthusiastic and opinionated, so it’s not surprising that my dog Frodo is a wee bit crazy. The two cultures are also similar in that family means everything, and they both believe in hard work.

What was it that Irish author Edna O’Brien said?

“When anyone asks me 164692_10151530765307188_327627811_nabout the Irish character, I say look at the trees. Maimed, stark and misshapen, but ferociously tenacious.” …makes me proud to be Irish. The older I’ve got the more tenacious I’ve got and determined to get what I want.

And this year you’ll be proud to know that I had my first ever pint of Guinness. Yes it may have not been a whole pint and yes it may have had a splash of blackcurrant but like I said, I’m only half Irish.


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