The perks of ferret sitting


Housesitting for my sister means a weekend full of Meeting The Russians and Made in Chelsea on catchup. I’d be pretty sarcastic about this if it didn’t fill me with such joy and lack of shame.

It does however, also mean a weekend full of ferret-sitting. 1383326_10151927634502188_1752538443_n

Looking after these little rascals, little Benji and Gus.

Yes they’re stinky. Yes they poop. A lot. And yes they like to nip your toes and fingers but I think ferrets are often misunderstood by those who aren’t familiar with them.

I don’t know what us kids would be like if our parents hadn’t have loved animals so much. Our house and back garden have been home to many a species over the years, and for as long as I can remember, we’ve had a range of ducks, rabbits, hamsters, ferrets, terrapins, chickens, roosters, guinea pigs, cats, doves, budgies, quails, finches, fish and of course dogs. And they’re the animals I can remember.

539648_10150729942192188_1680771700_nOur house has always been filled with animals, and would explain my love of dogs, especially Mr Frodo. It would also explain why whenever I see an animal I coo over it and have the urge to run over and talk to it.

So it’s only fitting that my sister got these fuzzballs when she bought her own house.

The ferret is a referred to as a domesticated version of the European polecat, often mistaken for a weasel or meerkat. Their fur is normally brown, black, white, or mixed. Gus is a lovely mix of brown, black and white, and Benji is white with darker feet. 1381341_10151950418662188_269657882_n

Ferrets can grow to an average length of 20 inches including a 5 inch tail. They used to be bred to hunt rabbits, and even though they still are, they are increasingly becoming more known as pets the more they are domesticated.

These little terrors have their own personalities. They have long slender backs, which makes the way they run hilarious. They arch their back and just go for it, almost looking like their body is going up and down in motion.

These c581629_10151868819172188_779147476_nrepuscular creatures spend 14–18 hours a day asleep and are most active early in the morning and late at night. One of the cutest things about ferrets is that when they get excited, they look like they’re performing a ‘weasel war dance’ where they tend to move in a sideways hop and bump into things. Youtube it just for giggles.

They can be quite energetic which again, some might misinterpret as being aggressive but really, it’s an invitation to play.

With this, comes a little ‘clucking’ noise that you can’t resist, you1381281_10151927634102188_420486132_n just have to go and play. They like nuzzling into thing and climbing on your shoulders, even nestling in your hood.

At the precise moment of time, the terrible twosome are asleep, all curled up in the corner of their cage and nestled into each other. They look so cute, probably because they’re actually still for once, and quiet.

So who else has had crazy animals in their life? Huge lizards? Micro pigs? Family?


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