Caveman-eating, writing and yoga


Today not only marks the first day of November, but also (hopefully) the start of new beginnings.

I can be described as stubborn by my nearest and dearest because I don’t like change, and I’m not one to keep quiet about it either. So, ‘Blog Every Day in November’ (#BEDN) is ideal for someone like me, who believes an angsty teenager still lives inside each one of us, and wants their opinion and thoughts to be heard.

An example of my dislike of change is mentioned in a previous post (Dude looks like a Lady) where I’ve said my whole life is still, in many ways, like my unorganised bedroom, overflowing with forgotten tasks and projects. I push everything under my metaphorical bed and sleep on it.

BUT this month will be different. I hate the fact that I’m saying it, but not all change is bad, and this month, I’ll be encouraging more change. I came across 30 Challenges for 30 Days and although I’m not going to do the same, I realised that I need to challenge myself more. So here are some of the
tasks I have set myself: BEDN

Say no to writer’s block yo’

The first thing I am going to do, is try to put an end to my writer’s block by blogging every day with the help of the #BEDN challenge. I tend to go through spells of blogging then not doing so for weeks, leaving me with more posts unpublished in my drafts folder gathering dust than I have posts published. So, I am going to start making time to write.

Say hello to Paleo

This might prove to be a tougher challenge than #BEDN but I’m going to attempt to eat like a caveman, as best as I can. This will be not only be hilariously interesting (for me at least) but will also provide some content for my posts during November. So I’m determined to make both the post and eating style fuel each other.

Yoga in a Toga

I’ve just started Bikram Yoga and can tell you, after only five classes, I’m already feeling the benefits. This is something else I want to push to do more. Me, doing yoga in 40 degree heat. What’s the most shocking part of that sentence? It must be that I am doing yoga! We’ll see later in the month how that pans out.

So in a nutshell, this month will be full of caveman-eating, writing, change and my learning to love it, funny things my dog Frodo does, my trip to Cyprus, events I go to, my OCD diaries, and sweaty hot yoga. Enjoy.


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