Mr Frodo (my precious)

Today is 25 October, and it is my dog’s birthday. Mr Frodo. 254486_10150226507052188_174250_n

I’m sure there’s a fair few out there who think it weird celebrating  an animal’s day of birth but Frodo isn’t just a dog, he’s part of the family, and deserves recognition like the rest of us.

He isn’t just a normal pooch, he’s half Labrador and half Rottweiler, and if that wasn’t crazy enough, he’s also ginger.

He likes ice cream and spaghetti bolognese, and has become rather partial to the odd dish of slow-cooked pulled pork, like me. But what he likes the best, which isn’t the healthiest of things by far, is cheese. Good ol’cheese. I can’t tell you how much he loves cheese, and I’m sure he can’t either.

302822_10151250363472188_612943072_nWherever he is in the house or back garden, he can hear you open a packet. You can be in the kitchen preparing and cooking, and he won’t bat an eyelid, even if there’s a huge bit of steak on the stove (which would never happen seeing as the majority of the family are vegetarian). But the minute you open the fridge, or even walk towards it, he appears in the kitchen like a ninja. The closer you get to the cheese, the closer he gets to you. When you’re holding the cheese in your hand, you will notice the dog sitting on your feet looking up at you with those big puppy dog eyes. It’s not my fault he’s a little chubby when he’s got such cute eyes.

What could be cuter (I haven’t decided yet) is his ears. They’re just so soft! They’re at their softest when he’s just woken up, and I can’t help but hug him. I can’t tell if he likes me hugging him so tight and so often…but he lets me.

Frodo joined our family about 10-11 years ago, and through our hard times and good, he’s been there with us and is our rock.

When we first picked him up he was so tiny I could hold him on the palm of my hand, and he could squeeze into little cubby holes and under the book shelves. Now, his head won’t even fit under the shelves and I can barely pick him up. 319525_10150303417217188_7319935_n

Happy Birthday Frodo. Mwah!

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