Dude looks like a Lady

dog-wearing-tiara-thumb6958874As soon as the clock stroke 12 on New Year’s Eve 2012, my mind was already racing on what I could do to make 2013 a better year than the last. Join the gym again? Check. Learn a new language? Trying. Save more money? Hmmm? Give up chocolate? Never. Tidy up more? Pah. I need to think of something more interesting.

For as long as I can remember, I have been wholly incapable of sticking to any resolution I have ever made. Even simple plans like tidying my room at the weekends never work – I always have the same routine of emptying every single drawer, bag and cupboard on to the floor, and putting everything back, only much more tidily. I spend roughly an hour ‘filing’ through squashed receipts found at the bottom of my handbag and somehow choose to instead, offer everyone in the house a cup of tea or some lunch. I’d rather slave away over a hot kettle of denial than face my monthly outgoings!

My whole life is still, in many ways, like my organised bedroom. My life overflows with forgotten tasks I’ve written down/ highlighted on a pad, things I couldn’t be bothered to finish and people I forget to reply back to. I push everything under my metaphorical bed and sleep on it. But…

Finding myself sitting in the middle of a male sales team five days a week, from 9am – 5.30pm has given me food for thought (wink wink) and more importantly, a fantastic new years resolution I will endeavour to stick to.

Be more lady-like.

I knew it’d be hard but I also knew it’d be worth it. Being constantly surrounded by a testosterone-fuelled room of boys, I realised I was slowly turning into a ‘lad-ette’. I was getting used to the guys asking what I thought of a certain female celebrity, hearing the passing of the wind and not think anything of it, and sentences wouldn’t be complete without at least two swear words.


I’ve never been one of those girls who likes pink, and yes I could do with being a hell of a lot more graceful, but alas I am me. I lived in baggy jeans and converse until I went to University, where I lived with 4 other girls who only now am I proud to admit introduced me to my handbag. In the three years at University, I learnt the golden rules of being a “girl” who parties.

You were not allowed to wear the same party outfit twice in a month. Actually make it two outfits not allowed to make repeat appearances. Heaven forbid if anyone on Facebook saw you tagged wearing the same dress on more than one occasion. So, this meant lots of shopping. Suddenly I found that my wardrobe no longer had room for my beloved baggy jeans. They were being replaced with dresses, skirts, heels and clutch purses. My DVD collection was put on hold as I wasn’t allowed to buy any more of my favourite Asian horror movies. instead I was to purchase romantic comedies and Disney films. That, I didn’t actually mind but I did manage to sneak in a couple of South Korean films thanks to understanding friends.


So, the first step I took this year into my transformation was getting my nails done. My friends practically had to drag me there against my will and chain me to the chair. But, I have to say that I was very impressed, and remain to be so. I’ve never been one to do much with my nails, painting them never lasted long and I’ve always hated the feeling of a nail filer – just thinking about it makes me shudder!

They should really warn first timers that they give you claws to begin with but thankfully these talons are cut down to the length of your choice and you get to choose a pretty colour. I have since been back a couple of times to get the refills done, and every time I’m hit in the face with the chemical odour stepping into a nail parlour, I do actually feel that bit girlier. I have been sticking to dark colours like wine red and black, but small steps are still steps to reaching my end of goal.

More recently I have been spending quite a bit on clothes, which does scare me. For some reason I always need to justify spending money on clothes. I have no problem swapping DVDs and books for cash, but guilt kicks in when I pick up a pretty dress, especially when I don’t have an occasion to wear it in mind. Thankfully we’ve had quite a lot of work events and award ceremonies to attend in the last couple of months, so I’ve had to buy some dresses.

Has the guilt kicked in? Yes. Untitledkkk

Have I felt like a girl wearing a new dress and brand spanking new heels? Yes.

Does it feel good? Hell yes.

Starting off this new year’s resolution felt more like I’d stolen Alice’s hole into Wonderland and plunged into it head first, but as time goes by it’s becoming a little easier, and definitely more interesting. Although I have the chest for it, I’m glad to say I’ll never be one of the “plastic” girls in life. I’m happy to add a touch of class to my favourite biker boots with a pretty dress and a smile!

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