Ndoro fundraising event: Saints & Sinners Masquerade party

Ndoro Children’s Charities is an international organisation endeavouring to help underprivileged children in Zimbabwe. With a tradition of hard work and perseverance, their main vision is to provide opportunity to as many children as possible, focusing on the development of education, health promotion and social service.

Chidren’s charity founder Ngoro

Accessed via a discreet entrance in Poland Street, Soho member’s club Apartment 58 played the perfect host for Ndoro’s fundraising event last night, Saturday 7th July. With a charming location and understated exterior, the intimacy of space was complimented well by designer Mia Wallenius’s lounge wallpaper featuring spiders, mushrooms and plants in magical chocolate browns and purple. The apartment’s underlying themes of familiar and unfamiliar lent itself to the Masqueraded Saints & Sinners dress code of the party.

Ronald Ndoro, son of the charity’s founder Roseline Ndoro (and part of the apartment’s management team) looked dapper in a white suit and sparkling mask as he circled the room of guests.

Welcomed with a complimentary ZEO drink (either a Saint or Sinner cocktail), we enjoyed the evening, tasting a selection of Ukai’s contemporary London sushi, and Copita’s Spanish tapas. Aside from devouring the food and drink, we were there to witness a Silent Auction (by sportstars.co.uk) and an extravagant raffle.

The CrystalRoc drum set.

Guests had an impressive array of items to bid on, with expected prices ranging from £250 all the way to £30,000. These included sport memorabilia (signed football shirts from the Tottenham Hotspur squad and Barcelona’s Lionel Messi, and Wimbledon balls signed by Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal); limited edition art prints of works by Matisse, Dali, and Picasso; and luxury weekend breaks in Edinburgh, Rome and Mauritius.  But the highlight had to be the magnificently bling drum-kit – a six-piece set Crystal Roc Drum Kit, encrusted with one million Swarovski crystals, and auctioned separately were matching Crystal Roc Headphones and a Crystal Roc Guitar.

Overall, the evening proved a success as the glamorous shindig rose a great deal for the worthy cause. 

Back in June 2012 I started as a Culture Writer for The Upcoming. In July 2012, they sent me to a charity event where there were masks and glittery drums galore…


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