Bit of an update Dad

Dad, I had a job interview last week. You would’ve loved hearing about it, like all the other stories I tell you when something funny’s happened to me. You of all people appreciate them, only because I always end up embarrassing myself!

Looking like a drowned rat from the wind and rain, and shaking like a crazy woman (because I’d had a double espresso on an empty stomach!) – I was a nervous wreck walking into that office. The lift of course was broken so I had to walk up a million flight of stairs! But, the lady who interviewed me was lovely. The first question she asked me was about my tattoos! I thought she was going to ask me if I minded covering them up in an office environment but all she was concerned about was where the best Tattooists were in the area so she could inform her rebel daughter! It was hilarious. Thanks to you Dad and your “gift of the gab” genes, I had her laughing pretty much the whole of the interview – hopefully that’s a good sign. One of the more formal interview questions was something like “how would you respond if another member of staff was angry at you etc” …my response was to stick my fingers up at them. I can’t believe I actually did that in an interview. I guess another thanks is in order Dad for passing these traits down the line : )

Oh I wanted to tell you – someone thought you were my Grandad! Well, actually two guys did, but don’t worry they apologised when I corrected them. What’s funnier though, is that wherever I go, people always think Mum’s my sister! She’s really reveling in it, lucky woman. But yeah, one of the neighbours knocked on the door the other day asking for you and your tree cutting services. Apparently you’d promised to trim the tree in the back garden because all the leaves clog up his gutters. Looks like I’ll have to do it – you know how I hate ladders! Remember when us kids were little and we’d scamper up into the loft with you? We loved exploring all the old stuff up there, trying to be so careful not to step on anything other than the beams, otherwise we’d fall through. Climbing up the ladder was a hoot, it’s the coming down that terrified the crap out of me. I’d just sit in the loft crying my little heart out whenever it was time to go down, I hated looking down and thinking how was best to step down the ladder. But you were always so big and strong, you’d stay at the top and guide me down, telling me to keep my eyes on you and to believe you when you told me I was safe and not going to fall. I never fell, I was always safe because you looked out for us. I need you now to help hold the ladder for me if I’m going to trim the tree – otherwise I’ll start crying again, and I will most likely fall!

It’s not the same in the house without you. Things are falling apart, literally. The day you left us, the kettle broke! Tea was the only thing keeping us sane! Miraculously it came to life again, saving us a little. The washing machine broke, and we stopped getting hot water, the list goes on. I guess before we never really noticed if something broke, because you were always there to fix things in your own way. The other day we all trimmed the hedge in the front garden because we know how proud you are of the arched hedge. Funny how it took 3 of us to do a job that you’d normally do by yourself.

It’s hard without you but we’re taking each day as it comes.

I had my first car boot sale the weekend just gone! You’d be so proud. I made a grand total of £20. But then I had to pay a fiver for the seller’s fee, but those 15 pounds were so worth it. You’d been dragging us out of bed to boot sales every weekend since we were babies. We had always talked about having our own stall at one, but we never did. I thought it was about time to do one in your honour, so with two of my best friends, we stuck it out for 5 hours selling crap to people who appreciated crap. I probably spent more time snooping other people’s stalls than selling! Think I somehow came home with more than I brought out with me!

There were so many weird people out there Dad, and I thought you were strange because you were obsessed with owls, but there was this one woman who only bought things that had the colour green in them. It wasn’t just any old green, it was a particular shade of green she was after! Strange is all I can say.

I had a couple of framed owl pictures I was selling on the stall that a man was eyeing up. He came over a couple of times asking about the price for them, saying he had an owl collector who might be interested. Shocked that there was actually another avid owl fan like yourself, I offered all of the owl ornaments to him and said I had many more at home because my dad collects them. We were joking that this mysterious owl collector might be the same guy.

Lo and behold, it was you. Of course it was you. No one else is crazy like you and known by everyone.

I’m thankful that you’re crazy, it’s made us all crazy and like Mum, we revel in it. It’s so much better than being boring. Maybe normal people don’t swear or chat about tattoos in interviews, and maybe I won’t get that job because of it, but at least I’ll be remembered.

I think that’s what one of your goals was in life, to be remembered. You weren’t scared of a lot (apart from spiders which no one else knew about!) but you feared being forgotten.

Seriously Dad, I don’t think anyone who’s ever met you could forget you. Even if they wanted to : )

I’ll let you know if I get the job, and also if the car boot sale next week is any better. I’m going to be a regular now, wish me luck!

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