The Old Man

Dad, following on from what Anthony said…you snored like a beast, you laughed at your own jokes, you watered the garden wearing nothing but your underwear, and when you helped Katey dye her hair for the first time, you thought you’d take the opportunity to touch up your grey patches and you ended up turning your hair pink. You choked us all with the amount of aftershave you used in the mornings, and fogged up the house with the smell of fryups at the weekend. Wherever we went you’d always go out of your way to embarass us and introduce us to people you knew – which in most cases was everyone.

But the moment you left us 2 weeks ago, the house fell silent. The snoring is only an echo in the wind, and the sound of laughter has softened to a whisper because you’re not here.

We miss you Dad, we miss you so much.

Yes the jokes, they’re probably what we miss the most, and although at the time we thought your jokes were corny we have to confess we now find ourselves retelling them. But now when we laugh at your old jokes (like you did) it’s only because they remind us of you – not because they’re actually funny!

The smell of your aftershave still lingers in the bathroom, and the sad thing is we now find ourselves forever looking for the scent and wanting to savour it because it was a part of you.

We still can’t believe you’re gone. Who’s going to take Frodo for a walk now? Who’s going to cook us a fry up when we’re hiding a hangover from mum? It’s funny how it’s only now we’re realising how great a man you were. You weren’t looking to embarass us at all when you introduced us to your friends, you were really just showing your kids off because you were proud of us. You were so proud of us being your kids. You’ve seen us take our first walking steps, first days at school, our first heartbreaks and seen us graduate from university – and the smile on your face at each one couldn’t have been bigger.

We should have really told you how proud we are of you. Hand on my heart, you are the most generous man I have ever known, your heart was often as big as your belly. You pretty much gave us everything we ever wanted and always went that extra mile. Like the time Katey asked for a hamster – you came home with a cage full of them!

I never used to believe Mum when she said to me I’d be lucky to marry a man like my dad. There wasn’t anything you wouldn’t do for us, and you treated Mum like a princess.

We are honoured to have had you as our father.

Over the last 2 weeks when I’ve spoken to people about you Dad, the conversation has always ended with laughter. Everyone seems to have such fond memories of you and they’ve all smiled thinking of you. That says a lot about someone if you’re still making people laugh even when you’re not here.

We smile at the memory of you looking at yourself in the mirror and reminding us what a good looking father we had…

15 responses to “The Old Man

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  2. Wow, this is one of the most touching blog posts I have ever read. I’m just so sorry for your loss, dear! Your father sounds like a wonderful person! *hug*

  3. Awww thank you Jen, it was horrible writing this at the time but now it makes me smile when I read it. He was such an eejit 🙂 Thanks for taking the time to read this x

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