The whole 50th shebang

An evening out at Frankie & Benny’s was always on the cards for a birthday in the family, where a Combo Sharer satisfying both meat eaters and veggies starts off the mediocre meal we share every few months or so. If we’re lucky, we get to take home a couple of balloons.

This year, we needed to think bigger. Much bigger.

Food? Drinks? …not enough. Balloons, yes. Banners, yes. Bit of music and discotheque, why not? Bit o’mix of the Greeks and Irish family, why yes. Surprise Party? …I think so!

It was hard to believe that this little lady to the left was turning the big  50  this year, so we couldn’t let it go without a bang. We hadn’t had a surprise party in the family for as long as I could remember, so when my sister came up with the idea in the summer we started planning straight away. It didn’t matter to us that our mother’s birthday was over 5 months away, we were too excited! We met up every so often for lunch to discuss the guestlist, the venue, the wine, the buffet and the cake.