A Rare One…

My alarm didn’t go off this morning.

Either that or my late night watching Black Books made me sleep straight through the alarm. So my mother’s shouting (aka screeching) at me to look out of the window at the new blanket of snow acted as a grateful wakeup call. Normally sleeping through my alarm calls for me to run round the house stressing at being late, wasting precious time staring at the clock planning how not to be late.

But today I took my time in taking in the view from the window. It was hard to believe that the crisp whiteness of the snow had made even the likes of Croydon a breathtaking sight.

Assuming everyone would be late getting into work due to the weather, I enjoyed the advantage of living so close to the office – so even if I was a little late, it wouldn’t look too bad. After a quick shower, I practically skipped down the stairs to let the dog out into the garden for a pee as I sipped on a hot hot coffee I’d never normally endulge my time in making in the rush of the morning.

It wasn’t the sinful spoonful of sugar (or two) that made that coffee sweet, it was the pure delight of being cheeky I was able to revel in.

I took my time walking up the road to the bus stop – I rememer ever since I was little, I’ve always tried to take care not to slip, or fall or even break something because I was always scared of getting hurt, as well as that feeling of pure fear. That feeling of when you’re standing on a chair and it wobbles, and for a split second your heart leaps and you’re left with an inkling of “whoa”, a hint of “phew” and a pinch of exhilaration. I didn’t even dare kick through the Autumn piles of leaves when I was growing up – in fear of something under the leaves (something like dog crap!). I wasn’t an awkward child! – just a careful one.

But this morning I had a good feeling. I dared to dare. I chose to walk on some of the icy parts of the road, just to see. There were a couple of moments I had to grab on to nearest brick wall or fence for the safety of my life, but that feeling of pure fear as you’re about to fall just made me laugh this time and feel somewhat rebellious.

Simple minds ay.

With a huge smile beaming across my face at this newfound “dangerous” side to me, I hopped on to the bus without having to wait the normal 10 minutes for it to arrive. I was enjoying listening in to the conversation had by two old ladies behind me so much so that I didn’t need to pop my earphones in to blare out my music. I didn’t need the usual help from The Smiths this morning to put me in a good mood for work, I much preferred listening to these ladies talk of how glad they were that their grandsons were “good boys” and not into drink and drugs. Learning later from their conversation that these boys were only 11  and 13 years old…I’m pretty glad they’re not into any of that stuff either! This did make me chuckle.

What made me chuckle more was the fact that I’d somehow managed to get to work…early. I was 10 minutes early.

I think my manager was more surprised than I was.

Recently at work our manager has been monitoring us, at least an hour per day he’ll sit behind us watching every little thing we do and noting it down. This has been hell. So, I enjoy going to make the teas every so often. Not only does this make me look helpful and generous, but gets me away from the ever watching eye…

Maybe it was the intoxicating smell of the cupcakes I brought in to share round work that made him soften up and slack on his stalking monitoring because I spent pretty much most of the day smiling out of the window at people playing in the snow, on the rooftops of office buildings, in the crowds at bus stops, even in the traffic queues.

People tend to act nicer towards each other, with genuine altruism (if there is such a thing) when everything comes to a standstill. Buses and cars are stranded in the middle of roads, but the rest of us go on, helping each other up when someone falls. Still laughing of course, but helping each other up. With this act of kindness in mind, our manager let us escape work early… to go play in the snow (or so I like to think!).

After a cheeky gander in the seductive haven of entertainment they call HMV, I met my closest friend to travel home with on the train. Once we’d stepped off the platform and out of the station, I genuinely could not stop laughing.

Of course I’ve been out and about with my best friend and had laughs and such, but walking down the hill from the station genuinely couldn’t have made me belly laugh like it did today.  Holding onto each other for dear life I enjoyed walking on the icy parts and sliding down the road. Laughing my ass off doing so. Laughing like that makes you forget about the drones of life even just for those 10 minutes walking down that hill, and makes you appreciate having a friend to enjoy that with.

And I threw my first snowball of the year!

I like rare days like these. See, simple minds.

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