Bumping into your Ex…

I’d just finished one of my driving lessons with my over-pompous instructor, so was already in a mood to just get on the train back to Uni with no fuss. A quick stop at Burger King on the way to the station seemed to put me at ease, and I enjoyed scoffing down handfuls of salty chips. An announcement blurted out that my train was going to be 7 minutes late – I really couldn’t be bothered to get more stressed so I almost cuddled that warm bag of grease Burger King.

Mid-scoff of chips, I felt a tap on the shoulder, it felt like slow motion, like an eternity as I turned round to face HIM. HIM. HIM being my first love. He hadn’t changed at all.

We attempted almost half a hug of awkwardness and longing as we exchanged pleasantries and how-do-you-do’s. It was nice, and sweet to see him again. But I could feel my eyes brimming with tears of nostalgia as I couldn’t stop glancing at his wedding ring.

…That was almost 2 years ago.We hadn’t heard a peep from each other since then.

Last week, my friend and I were scurrying our way through the hustle and bustle of Victoria Station to meet a friend on the way to Book Club. I felt a tap on the shoulder all of a sudden, and in the blur of the rush hour crowds, there HE was. HIM. Standing infront of me, looking like the teenager I fell inlove with. Only he wasn’t mine anymore, he was hers. That band of white gold on his wedding finger said so. And I was happy for her.

There was that sudden pang of nostalgia and longing that decided to hit me again. I swear it decided to hit him too as I knew all too well the expressions that took character on his face. The presence of my friend decided to hit me too, so I introduced them to each other. I had to stop myself from mentioning how I knew them both to each other, as I couldn’t handle using the word “ex” infront of him, so I went on to discuss  work and other equally dull topics.

I felt another pang as I heard him say “I thought I saw you, and didn’t know whether to say hey or not because I was running for my train”. I told him to just run for his train so he didn’t miss it. He looked somewhat hurt I was telling him to get his train as if I didn’t want to speak to him for any longer, so an awkward of silence deemed to follow. I decided to try and dim the awkwardness by saying we had to move along to our Book Club at which I expected him to laugh at my geekiness. But then I remembered he was one of the few who revelled in my geeky side and embraced it with his own. I tried not to notice the look he gave me where I knew he found my involvement in a Book Club endearing.

Why did I have to bump into him? How are you supposed to act or feel when you bump into an ex? Is there a rulebook or a form of etiquette?

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